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What is React Native App?

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I have heard a technology about Mobile App Development that is React Native App. I want to know what actually it is and what it does?
Please share if you know about it.
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alex levine

- 5 years ago

React Native is a JavaScript framework for building native Android and Ios mobile apps. React native uses React Framwork and allow lots of inbuild Features.

React Native Features

  • React − This is a Framework for building web and mobile apps using JavaScript.

  • Native − You can use native components controlled by JavaScript.

  • Platforms − React Native supports IOS and Android platform.

React Native Advantages

  • JavaScript − You can use the existing JavaScript knowledge to build native mobile apps.

  • Code sharing − You can share most of your code on different platforms.

  • Community − The community around React and React Native is large, and you will be able to find any answer you need.

React Native Limitations

  • Native Components − If you want to create native functionality which is not created yet, you will need to write some platform specific code.