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Prestashop multistore

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Can I make ecommerce multistore on prestashop with same domain on which it is instaled as well as on different domain, if yes then how ? 


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Nitin Mangal

- 6 months ago

Yes, it is possible

I am assuming that you have succesfully installed prestashop and running.


  • prestashop login credentials 
  • domain credentials 


  • Login into prestashop using your credentials
  • Navigate to the "Advanced Parameters" section on left sidebar & click on "Multi-stores.
  • On multistore page click on Add New Shop group
  • Enter required details like Shop group name and check all checkboxes if your shop owner is same
  • Then click on add new shop 
  • Enter Shop name and etc required information and save it

Then if you need to create multistore on same domain on which main shop is exist then you need to manual create url for that and your multistore is ready.

If you need to create multistore on different domain you need to change into your domain

pretashop panel

  • Use a domain name you already own
  • While creating url enter new domain name, ssl domain, physical url, virtual url and click on save before that you can check you can review your url  

Domain Settings

  • Login where you have purchased your domain
  • Select the domain which you have enter on the prestashop panel
  • Make sure the domain is properly configured and points to the same server where PrestaShop is installed (Change Document Root Directory point on where prestashop is installed).