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How To Fix Clickable Elements Too Close Together Error?

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Hello QnA,

I am running my website and using webmaster to see website performance, I have noticed that an error which is saying 

Mobile Usability > Clickable elements too close together

But i think my content has enough space for clicking, I don't have any clue how to fix clickable Elements too close together error on webmaster.

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alex levine

- 2 years ago

If your link or clicable button has padding and or margin which is near to another button or link than google make take as near content, there are six types of main mobile usability issues or reaonse to occure this error, which are:

  1. Uses incompatible plugins
  2. Viewport not set
  3. Viewport not set to “device-width”
  4. Text too small to read
  5. Content wider than the screen
  6. Clickable elements too close together

so Your website should take care of these 6 mobile usability issue checklist