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How to increase TTFB (TIme To First Bite) in codeigniter website.

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Hemant Sharma

- 5 years ago

  1. You have to check first on your servers relative to your access point.
  2. it overall reduces the loading time you have t optimize images and your Database queries
  3. If possible use as much script and Css or any resources URLs CDN and try to implement CDNs technology 
  4. CNDs proxy technology, which was designed to minimize "physical" distances between the site's content and browsers, directly influences TTFB. Details
  5. Database caching: Is your e-commerce system using it? The first hit on the database is a huge hit on performance.
  6. Memory vs. disk caching: Memory is faster
  7. SSL versus non-SSL for non-secure pages. SSL will slow performance and should only be used where security is an issue, like during checkout or on login pages.
  8. Server configuration: Is your database on the same server as your web server? That's a problem, if true.