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Why we need Android Wear Platform?

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We already have a mobile smartphone then why we needed any other smart device like an Android watch?

Everything can we do on our Smart mobile and they are much cheap then Android Wear Device then why Google Launch Android Wear?

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alex levine

- 5 years ago

Everything was working perfectly for Android Users in their Android Mobiles but there are some missing things what happen if my hands are occupied but need to check essential notifications so need something which is everytime should be there to notify me.

Android Wear resolves this issue. We can get our essential Notifications on our Android Wear Device just our wrist. Android Wear has a lot of computing power as like Mobile phones.

Android Wear can notify us as our social media notifications any reminder or many essential things need to remind us. Nowadays our Android Wear device can take care of our health as it helps us to stay healthy on stats. That's why we called Android Wear Devices as SmartWatch which is enough smart to help us with our daily work.