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Flipkart Affiliate Marketing API earn commission on every purchase

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I have searched for the easy way to earn Money without any investing just with my Website and Android Mobile App then I heard about Flipkart Affiliate Marketing APIs How can I create flipkart affiliate login in it and how to use this program in my website and earn money. i have some flipkart information like i can Download Flipkart app or login on Flipkart you will get a link post that link everywhere who will purchase by the your affiliate Flipkart URL you got commission.

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Hemant Sharma

- 5 years ago

Flipkart Affiliate API is the best way to Make money while you sleep, Make money from Home without any product, Flipkart Sale Account or without any massive process.

You have just promoted other people's products and Information which is making a deal for the seller.

Flipkart said - Drive traffic from your website/mobile site / mobile apps to Flipkart and earn commission on every purchase. Flipkart Affiliate is totally based on revenue sharing or earn commission by recommending the product to others. Flipkart offers you to promote their products and get a financial incentive through an affiliate program. Flipkart set their Incentive Percentage there own which is very high. If you have your Website or Mobile Application so you are eligible to earn money from your website or Mobile application. There can be three sides of the process in Affiliate

  1. The Maker
  2. The seller
  3. The Affiliate Marketer

If you don't have any Website and Mobile application Contact here.

If you have no product and want to make money, then you can promote a product that you feel has value and earn an income from it from Flipkart affiliate. You can choose the products which you want to show on your Website and Mobile (Android/IOs) Application.

Flipkart affiliate is very easy to implements in Website and Mobile Application. Easy way and the Developer way.


Just Create your Flipkart Affiliate Account. When you Signup and SignIn on with your Flipkart affiliate account. When you land on Dashboard page of your Flipkart Affiliate account you will found their Affiliate Link Generator where paste your favorite product URL and get your own Flipkart affiliate URL just share this Url with your friends who will purchase from that URL you will get Incentive/commission.

e.g.: Flipkart Affiliate Product

There are lots of options to set Flipkart Products on my Website without needed any IT Support. In the Dashboard page, there is Flipkart App Install campaign which will help you to earn commission on new User add in the Flipkart.

At the Left side, there are an Option Affiliate Tools which has UI (User Interface). Promotional Widgets tab gives you a Javascript Code which is simple to use in your website just add that Script in your website where you want to show that promotional product or banner or any Promotional Search bar. you can see I have added some at the right side a search bar which is searching directly from the Flipkart and show products details here. You also can earn Money when you give a new User toFlipkartt from your Flipkart Affiliate URL.

In the Dashboard there is one more URL e.g:

affid=vbagetech this is the main ID which is your Affiliate ID from this ID Flipkart identify you. When anyone downloads Application or go on Flipkart Website from Affiliate URL and create the new account. Flipkart also gives you incentives for new User.

Affiliate API Developer Way (IT Support)

In the Affiliate Flipkart account there a section which we call with API which is very interactive and beautiful. API will provide in the Affiliate account a token ID and Affiliate Tracking ID which will help us to grab products from Flipkart website as JSON or XML formate and show them on our Website.


Here is a Flipkart Affiliate API Example :

All Offer API

Description - This API allows you to get the complete offers list.

Header format:curl -H "Fk-Affiliate-Id:<Affiliate_Tracking_ID>" -H "Fk-Affiliate-Token:<Affiliate_API_Token>" "<API_URL_WHICH_FORMATE_YOU_WANT>"


  • JSON:
  • XML:

Response Parameters:

API Datatype (Attribute/Variable) Description
title Offer title
description Offer description
url Offer URL
category Product category to which offer belongs
startTime Offer start time in Unix time format
endTime Offer expiry time in Unix time format
imageUrls List of image URLs with resolutionType corresponding to the offer
resolutionType Image resolution. Possible values: * default: Corresponds to highest resolution image * low: Corresponds to image size 200x200 px * mid: Corresponds to image size 400x400 px * high: Corresponds to image size 800x800 px
availability Availability of products with an offer as LIVE (In-stock) or OOS (Out-of-stock)


for more Flipkart Affiliate APIs Click here

you can test these APIs in POSTMAN without creating an environment for development when you got the right parameters and the circumstances jump on your Code and Implement APIs in your real-time project.