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could not connect to development server react native

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Unable to load script from assets ''. Make sure your bundle is packaged correctly or you're running a package server.

when I reload the app it gives me below error.

try the following to fix the issue:

  • ensure that the packager server is running
  • ensure airplane mode is disabled
  • ensure that your devices/emulator is connected to your machine and has USB debugging enabled - run 'adb devices' to see list of connected devices.

 I am not able to access the package server from the browser on the machine and the mobile.

When I run "react-native run-android", it gives me the error:"could not connect to development server...".

  • Package server is running and I can access it directly from the browser in the mobile device.
  • My android device connected to the computer has debugging enabled I checked it using ADB devices command.
  • My android is Kitkat so i cannot use the ADB reverse command.
  • I have set the IP address and port in Dev setting.
  • USB debug is on

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