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What is SSL Certificate ? How does SSL really work?

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Why we need SSL certificate for our Website? how SSL works?
what exactly it is ??

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SSL certificates are unavoidably utilized on the Web for securing every one of the information sent between servers, gadgets, mists, telephones, PCs, and so forth. SSL certificates are inborn in the encryption of interchanges utilizing "SSL and TLS" (how do these work? What is the distinction?) — you can't have secure interchanges without them!


What is an SSL Certificate? 

An SSL Certificate is an arrangement of records that empower the server to give "lopsided encryption" with an interfacing PC, gadget, or other servers (known as the "customer"). These records include: 

Marking Solicitation. A record finishing off with ".csr" which is exhibited to an outsider and which is utilized by that outsider to create "people in general key". 

Private Key: A document finishing off with ".key" which is introduced on the server and which is kept mystery and secure. 

Open Key: A document finishing off with ".crt" which is introduced on the server, yet which is offered uninhibitedly to any interfacing gadget (customer). Anybody can have a duplicate of this document without meddling with the security of the framework. 

Moderate Certificates. Extra documents were given by the outsider that produced and marked your "open key". These are open records and should be introduced on the server with the goal that associating gadgets can legitimately check your site's personality. In the event that you neglect to introduce this, your clients associating with your site may get SSL notices and be careful about putting the stock on your site.