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How to debug android application from android studio in mobile device without USB cable ?

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USB cable is not working due to some reason so want to connect device with WIFI or anything else.

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Hemant Haritash

- 5 years ago

You have to install USB driver in your PC for connecting mobile debug things,

and if your USB cable having the issue sometimes USB can connect but get the issue of disconnecting USB so You can connect your android device to your computer system through WIFI but you have to connect with same wifi and open your Android studio's TERMINAL

Start Command 

  1. first, connect your Android device for debugging with your Computer through USB cable
  2. run command adb devices
  3. your connected devices list will appear to connect only one device while connecting with wifi
  4. run command adb tcpip 5555
  5. when you run above command your connecting will restart
  6. disconnect USB
  7. Open Android Mobile's Settings Screen
  8. go to Phone-> Status->IP address eg.
  9. come on Terminal and run command adb connect Mobile IP ADDRESS: 5555