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how to direct open product in app through link android - Deep Links to App Content

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How deep liking work in android?

I have seen in many apps, When I hit URL related to the app it will open the app and take me to the specific product page without navigating through all pages. I have to search it is called Deep linking android feature. How to implement it and how actually it works.

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- 5 years ago

Deep link simple like url which is open your app with the relevant product or relevant information page in your mobile application.

Normally google not crol your app content if you have enabled deep linking google can reach to you through links. 

Deep links allow the user to be taken directly to app content in the following interactions:


  • Website to App
  • App to App
  • Social Media to App
  • Search Result to App (using app indexing)
  • Mobile Phone Search to App (for example,
  • Apple Spotlight Search)
  • Ad to App
  • E-mail to App
  • SMS to App

To use deep link you have to set url with some parameters like product id or any unique key which is indicated user to show relevant information.

  • No need to go through navigation.
  • User friendly
  • No frustrated go through