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Instant App APKs do not declare a valid 'android:targetSandboxVersion'

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Upload Instant App APKs

Your Instant App APKs do not declare a valid 'android:targetSandboxVersion' attribute in their AndroidManifest. Using the '' Gradle plugin to build your Instant App would add this attribute automatically.


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alex levine

- 6 years ago

I also face this issue once while uploading Android Application on Google Play Store, after a day research I got a solution I have not add any Privacy Policy page Link to Google play store Console 

Click on your App -> Store Presence -> Store listing

at bottom of the page put Your Privacy Policy URL in it and go ahead for Uploading Your Apk it will upload now successfully.


- 5 years ago

I too, faced the same issue, but after days of intensive research i discovered that it was not a MUST to upload instant App Apks, that's when i dropped the whole issue and carried on with Life!