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How to reduce the size of an image before uploading it to the server from android app?

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In my app there is option to upload images on server through Android App.

In a case image size can be very large and user can upload multiple images. This process will take too much time to upload large images on server.

How can we optimize Images before upload on server in my Android app?


I am thinking about PDF files all images store in one pdf file for a user.

Please suggest me is I m right or better idea or any lib


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- 6 years ago

To reduce size of Image create bitmap with captured image as below:

Bitmap bitmap = Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(capturedImage, width, height, true);

specify your according Height and Width according to requirment or you want to set to your ImageView. By change Images Size (Height , Width) it is help to reduce Size of Image as well.