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Installation issue in drupal: Your PHP installation has a limited date range

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Your PHP installation has a limited date range.

You are running on a system where PHP is compiled or limited to using 32-bit integers. This will limit the range of dates and timestamps to the years 1901-2038. Read about the limitations of 32-bit PHP.

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It is not unusual to find more than one directory containing PHP extensions if there is more than one version, and when checking your php.ini to see that the extensions you need are enabled, check that the directory for extensions is the same which actually contains the extensions. Once

Of course, apt-get should handle this but does not always, especially where there are versions installed some other way or with a different package manager.

On an unrelated point, 90% of Drupal sites use Mysql, which makes getting advice on Mysql easier, and not all contrib modules correctly implement DB queries which can lead to Postgre being unsupported by some modules, though that should not happen.